How to transfer some coins from initial account on my local test chain?


I start a local chain in my laptop to do some development.
After I created an account, I found I need some gas/coins to publish a smart contract onto the chain.
So I need to transfer some coins from the system account to my own account.
How can I do it?


You can use the initial account key.
echo 1rANSfcRzr4HkhbUFZ7L1Zp69JZZHiDDq5v7dNSbbEqeU4jxy3fszV4HGiaLQEyqVpS1dKT9g7zCVRxBVzuiUzB > initial.key
iwallet call --expiration 36000 iost.system Transfer “[\“IOSTfQFocqDn7VrKV7vvPqhAQGyeFU9XMYo5SNn5yQbdbzC75wM7C\”, \”$your_account\", $amount]" -k initial.key