Trying to deploy iostroi source into my local test node but keep getting TIMEOUT


I was reading the source code of iostroi contract and wanted to experiment with it so
I tried to deploy a copy of this into my local test node

iwallet -l 4000000 -e 90 --account admin publish iostroi.js iostroi.abi

but keep getting timeout.

Transaction receipt:
“txHash”: “33WWLJLSKG96Mapm5eMWtLSkKC1Mb8YcytgFTdaQrPGD”,
“gasUsage”: 4000000,
“ramUsage”: {
“statusCode”: “TIMEOUT”,
“message”: “running action Action{Contract: system.iost, ActionName: setCode, Data: [”{\“info\”:{\“lang\”:\“javascript\”,\“vers… error: execution killed”,
“returns”: [
“receipts”: [

I can deploy Helloworld.js without any problem on my local test node.